Pennsylvania Senate Bill 777 – Emissions Inspection Exemptions

On June 17, 2021, SB 777 was introduced into the Pennsylvania State Senate. This bill introduces a measure that would make any vehicle exempt from emissions inspections for the first five years after its manufacturer. This means any vehicle manufacturered in 2021 will not require emissions inspections until 2026. We ask that you take the

Elimination of Semiannual Inspections for Heavy Trucks Q&As Effective February 2, 2017

***PLEASE POST COMMENTS BELOW******     Question: Why are Semiannual Inspections of Motor Carrier Vehicles with a registered gross weight in excess of 17,000lbs being eliminated? Answer: ACT 165 which became law on November 04, 2016 amends the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code Title 75 section 4702(B) (7), to no longer require a semiannual safety inspection for

PA Safety Recertification FAQ’s

The following responses were developed to answer the most frequently asked questions regarding the new Safety Inspector Recertification Exam process.   Overview | Who is required to take the exam?   PennDOT’s vehicle safety inspector recertification program for safety inspectors and document reviewers is changing. Safety inspection regulations (67 Pa. Code § 175.28) have been