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Jeremy began his career as a Service Advisor and quickly moved into Service Management at the dealership level for VW, Audi, and Porsche. His strong customer satisfaction scores and ability to increase sales consistently placed him in the top 3% of Service Advisors across the nation. Jeremy opened and operated his own independent auto repair shop in 2005. With a passion for helping others, Jeremy started coaching Service Advisors in 2007. Since that time Jeremy has logged more than 13,257 hours of high performance coaching sessions with his clients. In 2010 Jeremy founded AdvisorFix with the mission of helping shop owners and Service Advisors revolutionize their sales and customer service experience. Jeremy is currently president and lead sales trainer for AdvisorFix. Through his training classes, shops across North America are able to capitalize on the opportunities placed in front of them and enjoy a higher level of success. Jeremy currently holds ASE Master Automobile Technician and Service Consultant certifications. He has been instructing and creating curriculum for the automotive repair industry since 2007.

Shift… Selling to a New Generation of Tech Savvy Consumers by Jeremy O’Neal-AM 9-12

Welcome to a new generation of “tech savvy” consumers. Are you prepared to thrive in this new economy? Do you know what the new generation of “tech savvy” consumers want? Are your sales skills and systems up to speed? This workshop will provide you with real world systems and tools needed to thrive with this new consumer. You’ll learn the exact systems cutting edge auto repair shops are using to dominate the sales landscape .

Jeremy O’Neil will assist each student in understanding the fundamental tools needed to meet the demands of this new generation and create a system to thrive in the coming years.

Maintenance Profit Master by Jeremy O’Neal-PM 2-430

The ultimate service advisors guide to selling maintenance on 2013 to 2016 model your vehicles. Bring your maintenance sales skills up to speed, Jeremy O’Neal will share with you the insider secrets the dealership service advisors are using to sell maintenance on today’s new vehicles. Students will get behind the scene access to what the top 1% of service advisors are doing to create massive profits selling maintenance on newer vehicles. Includes vehicle specific information for following manufacturers; Ford, GM, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota and Nissan. Includes advanced sales guide to help you create additional profits from the first day back at the shop. Your customers would love the expertise you gain from this course.

Jim has been an Advanced Engine Performance instructor at Automotive Training Center in Exton and Warminster, PA for over 20 years. He and his wife Mary own and operate Morton’s Automotive Technical Services (MATS), which offers training for working technicians. Jim was selected by Import Service Magazine as one of the top independent trainers. With more than 45 years in the industry as a technician, shop owner and trainer, Morton has been a requested presenter at National Training expos around the country including NACAT, CARS, TST Big Event, VISION KC and ASA. Jim has written diagnostic procedure articles for MotorAge, Import Service and ASA Auto Inc magazines.

Introduction To Lab Scopes by Jim Morton- AM 830-12

This presentation is designed for the technician that missed the first wave of learning why, how and when to use a Lab Scope. We will be guided by a mobile diagnostician on how the Lab Scope works, How to bring up a waveform and what to do if the waveform doesn’t appear. Most of the lab Scope presentations being presented assume you are already using one and just need more training. This presentation will help you decide if you want to “Jump on the Bandwagon”, so you can stay profitable on the job.

Ignition Wave Form by Jim Morton-PM 2-530


In this popular presentation, Jim from Morton’s Automotive Technical Services (MATS) will be showing the technician all of the valuable information there is in an ignition waveform, both Primary and Secondary. Jim feels that this is a dying art due to the fact of the problems and cost of the Secondary adapters. Also most techs that try to use this information stop short and don’t use the ENTIRE pieces of the puzzle, There is an unbelievable amount of information in the Spark KV, Dwell time and the Condenser/Coil oscillation areas along with the more popular Firing KV and Burntime. Join in on the FUN of putting the ENTIRE puzzle together .

WIN Number by Jim Groves, ATI   AM1030-12

Create your shops WIN number for owners and managers breaking even every month or just paying bills should not be the conclusion in business. Every shop has certain key performance indicator’s that will lead that shop to success. Very few shop owners take the time to create goals or metrics to WIN and then teach them to their people. These metrics need to be revisited annually and the shop Employees need to know how their goals tie into the shop goals. Join Jim Groves of Automotive Training Institute for this two hour presentation on how to define your WIN number and learn how to teach that to your staff so they buy in.

Retirement & Succession Planning by Jim Groves, ATI  PM 2-3

Retirement and succession planning its alot closer than you think.  Learn how to put the pieces in place now.  It will make for a smoother transition on a business and personal level.  Jim Groves will walk you through the steps needed to put the right people and programs in place.

Wayne Colonna

At the age of 17, Wayne was given a 1964 Ford galaxy 500 using a C4 automatic transmission powered by at 289 in.³ engine for his first car. Six months later the transmission quit. This prompted his career in the transmission field. After graduation from the Lincoln tech institute in Union, New Jersey he began working as an R & R man. By 1977 he began rebuilding transmissions, he’s currently the president of automatic transmission service group ATSG. As an instructor he provides over 40 years experience to the industry.

Understanding & Diagnosing CVT(continuous variable Transmissions by Wayne Colonna  AM 830-1230

Understanding and diagnosing the CVT for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Medium Duty Trucks and Import transmissions, the following subjects will consist of a variety of:

  1. Driveability Issues
  2. Diagnostic Tips
  3. Complaint, Cause and Correction matters


Understanding & Diagnosing DCT (Dual Clutch Transmissions

by Wayne Colonna PM 2-530

Understanding and diagnosing DCT (dual clutch transmission’s) for GM, Ford, Chrysler, medium duty trucks and import transmissions:

  1. Driveability Issues
  2. Diagnostic Tips
  3. Complaint, Cause and Correction matters

Mobile AC Update 2017 by MACS

AM 830-11


Join MACS worldwide, the leader in mobile A/C information and training, for a presentation of their award-winning annual mobile A/C update. This high-value technical training clinic with no sales pitches consist of an A/C update book and live leader led training, covering a variety of service information, diagnostic techniques, industry current events and mobile A/C topics, including;

*Smart A/C pressure sensors

*Same Root Problem, Different Symptoms

*The best approach to A/C Electrical & Electronic Diagnostics

*Sensors & Switches: There IS a difference!!

*A few A/C shorts

*Should you say goodbye to Condenser Temperature drop Testing?

*The repair part you can’t get

*Check ……. ALWAYS CHECK!!!

*Update on Refrigerant Regulations, R-1234yf, CO2, & MACS Section 609 Certification

Diesel Emissions & Exhaust AFter Treatment by AC Delco   AM9-12

Modern diesel engines are subject to increasingly stringent in emissions requirements. This seminar will prepare technicians to effectively diagnose and repair diesel exhaust emission reduction failures by developing an understanding of the emissions created by diesel engines and the system designed to reduce those emissions. Both pre-and after treatment systems will be covered. Specific systems and components will include intake air swirl and heating, glow plugs, Exhaust gas recirculation, oxidation catalysts, diesel particulate filtration, NOx reduction technologies, selective catalyst reduction, and diesel exhaust fluid. Technicians will strengthen their diagnostic techniques by focusing on the conditions used by the engine control module to set codes related to these systems, developing an understanding of how false codes could be set, and determining the root cause of any code or failure. Common failures will be covered.

AC Systems Controls & Diagnostic Techniques by AC Delco PM 2-5

This seminar will provide technicians with the diagnostic techniques and strategies required to diagnose non-refrigerant related issues with the HVAC electronic controls that impact electronically regulated compressor operation and the air delivery system. Specific components and systems covered include windshield temperature and humidity sensors; condenser fan controls an operation; manual, electronic, and automatic temperature control and electronic mode door actuators and their control of air delivery and airflow in a single and multiple zone adjustable systems. “Learn procedures” for all related modules will be reviewed. This course will include simulated diagnostic exercises to apply the principles learned.

ASE Certified and Factory Trained, Jose Gonzalez is a working technician and educator. Experience includes time in dealerships and independent shops full time for 16 years. The past 11 years he has been instructing secondary and post-secondary students in real world applications while completing an AAS degree in Automotive and a BBA in Human Resources. Jose continues to stay in touch with the industry by providing independent consulting for service technicians and consumers in automotive and diesel diagnostics and repair. He also enjoys attending training events and participating in discussions about the future of education and the industry.

Diesel for the Gas Guys by Jose Gonzalez PM 2-5

This three hour course will take the knowledge and experience of the gasoline technician and use it to unlock the mysteries of modern light duty diesel technology. Course content will explain the basic operation of a diesel engine, discuss diesel fuel, provide overviews of operating strategy and explore diesel emissions control devices including DEF, case studies and test procedures.


Eric Ziegler is an ASE Master Technician with L1, L2 & L3 Advanced Level certifications. Eric has been in the automotive industry for over 30 years. Eric owns and operates EZ Diagnostic Solutions Inc., an automotive mobile diagnostics and module programming company, serving Central Illinois. In addition to mobile diagnostics, Eric does technical training and is pleased to have been added to the Driveability Guys group of trainers, as well as Automotive Seminars.

Essential Diagnostic Steps for Driveability & Electrical Issues

by Eric Ziegler AM830-1230

This is a critical thinking or logical approach class to address many of the issues that face technicians every day; working on systems that are new to them or that they have little or no experience diagnosing.  The course is a mix of critical thinking, theory, diagnostic testing methods, tooling and real world case studies.  Four areas that will be addressed; mechanical testing, fuel trim diagnostics, ignition testing and network communication issues. Graphing scan data, archiving data and other useful diagnostic software will be discussed.  Lots of real world, not so forward case studies will be used to illustrate these processes and techniques.

*See How you can diagnose each type of problem with basic tools & high tech tools.

*Learn how to figure out what to do next in your diagnostic process.

*See what your results should be and where to go next.

*See a quick review of the “Flatrater” test drive and how to gather information.


Misfire efficient and effective diagnosis PM2-6


Misfires can because by three things: Ignition, fuel, or mechanical issues.  This course covers the diagnostic techniques required to rapidly narrow the offender to one of these three possibilities. Emphasis is placed on a logical approach and effective use of appropriate testing techniques. Scan tools  and scopes will be the main focus of this class.  However other tools to be used as well.

For fifteen years Barry has been in sales. This has allowed him to converse with many different people, which is his passion. He loves talking with people; he loves listening to people. Barry’s background was dedicated to the automotive industry for four years where he thrived as a Service Advisor. During this time, Barry mastered the skills necessary for a good service advisor: communication, patience, and of course more sales! Barry joined the RLO Training team in 2014, and he loves it!

Selling Diagnostics to Leverage Profitability

By: Barry Barrett AM 9 – 12

Today, technician wages are skyrocketing and more and more of the vehicles coming into auto repair shops require some form of diagnostics.With the ongoing high cost of technician training, equipment, and information systems, business owners can no longer afford to give away the technicians time. This is a crucial “profit leak” that affects many shops. This course guides shop owners in understanding the source of the “profit leak” and demonstrates improvements to the process of charging for diagnostic labor while providing the customer with value.


Improving Telephone Closing Ratios by Barry Barrett PM 2-5

6AMI Credits

Learn some great techniques to properly close the call with the “telephone shopper”. Most of the time they are not looking for the best price. They want to know you are capable, knowledgable and trust worthy.

  • Intense focus on incoming calls
  • Phone-Shopping with real live customers
  • Role play and review

Leveraging Technology to boost Your Bottom Line by Bolt ON Technology, John Burkhauser AM 9-1030


In this course, John Burkhauser, a 30-year veteran of the automotive industry, will demonstrate how mobile tablet technology improves shop efficiency. Learn to streamline your workflow through a simple step-by-step process. Get educated on real world scenarios where mobile technology can be applied to your shop.


  • Shop owners, managers, service advisors, and interested technicians
  • The service process from beginning to end needs to be updated with the use of modern technology. Automation of the best industry practices.
  • Refine and use the best practices in servicing of vehicles with modern technology using tablets, automated appointments and recommendations.



Adhesive Bonding by ICAR


Vehicle Technolgy Trends & Diagnostics by ICAR


Advance Steering & Suspension Systems Anaylsis by ICAR



Aluminum Intensive Vehicle Repairs ALI01  by ICAR










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